an element that
expands when wet,
contracts when dry. 
a feature that creates 
a natural movement.

just as the 
pine cone.

The project of CO:CONE started out with selecting plants that naturally could create a new material or product. 
Since both reed and pine wood are easily renewable, that was a given starting point. 
These materials collaborate with the features of the pine cone and create a structure 
that naturally responds to humidity in the air. A product that could be used as shading - on the roof, wall or window.

Cones are amazing. 
Since they have to kinds of wooden layer that responds differently to humidity, 
a natural movement occurs. The two layers are of diverse density, 
and since low density expands more, the opening of the pine come to pass. 

CO:CONE translates this feature to moving shades.
Instead of cones, pinewood veneer is the porous part, and wood glue the stabilizer.


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