Uppmätning #studio1_fullscale by mysivesson

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#studio1_fullscale #kth #architecture #construction Den bruna volymen är skjutbar, hela bygget är flyttbart by jlingmark

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#studio1_fullscale Gavlarna kapade, bara svetsning kvar! by jlingmark

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Flooring the frigga #studio1_fullscale by eoek

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Tar stains... And do I smell of tar and burned wood.... #studio1_fullscale by sobremesa.gronroos

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We are proud to present yet another sponsor of The Fullscale Studio Building: Assa Abloy are kind to offer us a saftey code lock solution for the three doors of the building! We can now rest assure that our project will be protected with locally produced safety. Thank you ASSA!

Learn more about saftey solutions at:

Monkey business.

Making of the "gavel"/spalje to create stair case to roof and stop for the friggebod #studio1_fullscale by sobremesa.gronroos

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Tar-ing the walls of friggan with @danvansch 3 degrees celsius and frost on the roof... #studio1_fullscale by sobremesa.gronroos

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We are gratefully announcing that Aurubis is supporting our project by supplying us with their beautiful Nordic Royal Copper Alloy for the detailing of the Friggebod. Thank you Aurubis!


Window installation. #studio1_fullscale by sobremesa.gronroos

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