by Klara Jonsson & Hanna Skog


Barkoustic is an acoustic board made out of bark. You can make it yourself and its designed to fit existing modular ceiling systems. In this folder you will find the information you need to get started!

Bark is a by-product from the forest industry. In Sweden 85 million cubic meters of wood is harvested each year, out of this 5-10% is bark. Efforts of decreasing energy consumption in the building industry have created a market that favors materials made out of renewable resources. Therefore bark seems suitable to use as a new component in building materials. Considering the aesthetic qualities of bark, a beautiful sound absorbent for ceilings has evolved. 

The boards are made out of 100% organic materials. They are pretty, have a pleasant smell and interesting architectural qualities. The boards main function is however their sound absorbing ability. The barks porous structure makes it possible to absorb sound instead of reflecting it, a perfect material for acoustic boards. 

Good luck!

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