Collaboration framework

Here is a suggestion for a framework and structure for our further collaboration.

I have created a dropbox folder with sub-folders for different groups and different parts of the process. 
I hope this system makes some sense and that it is easy enough to help rather than to complicate things...
If you have any questions or suggestions of how to improve this system, so that we can collaborate with as little technical difficulty as possible, just talk to me or simply change the folder system and send an email.

As you can tell by the screenshot the general idea is that every group gets two folders (one for each task) that you manage as you want. It can contain excel-files, notes from phone calls, sketches, dwg-files with different options for facades etc.

Besides these folders there are three common folders. One is called Model files and is supposed to contain the latest and accurate version of eg. the section. There can only be one section file and one detail file etc in this folder and they can not contain more than one version of each section or detail.

Simply because then we can all keep track on how the project looks and works at every moment and you won't have to chase down the interior group to ask which of the ten sketches you've found is the latest one.

Obviously the number of files will grow, but please only create new files such as Sliding_House_Construction.dwg or a Sliding_house_vertical_details.dwg file. Not a sliding_house_plan_simons_sketch_184.dwg. The latter you can put in your groups folder and when you're done, simply replace the drawing in the model file-folder with your new one.

There is also one folder for PDF-Drawings and one for Photos. Simply create new subfolders with date and that way we can backtrack our solutions and the building process itself.

The uploaded dwg-files have a very simple point-standard layer structure. the layers are named after what they are used for and the color of the layer controls the thickness of the line. I will distribute a plot style that corresponds to the colors and this way we can all get coordinated and nice drawings.
(unfortunately plot styles does not work with auto cad for mac, but i think we can sort it out anyway)

The colors are, from thick to thin: Yellow, magenta, white, green, red, cyan, grey (pen 8). 
Greys 254 and 255 are also thin but grey and not black.
Normally you need two steps to see a clear difference. eg. white - red - grey etc.

Please save cad files in v. 2010 or earlier, so that everyone can open the files.

I hope this will work out, if not, let us all know and we'll develop this further.

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