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Studio 1: Full Scale is an architectural master studio at KTH Stockholm. The studio aims to be an active part of building processes of different scales,  Studio 1 focus on personal experiences and better knowledge of the production chain. The idea is to encounter constructions real-time rather than through simulated cases. Structural durability, materiality and detailing become unavoidable topics early on rather than last minute add-ons. Relations between resources, site, architecture, craft and mass-production will be exposed, feeding back into a critical approach and ultimately to a more confident conceptual focus. The idea is to be a player before becoming a coach.

Studio 1: Full Scale 2014/2015 is directed by teachers
Anders Berensson, Architect & Lecturer KTH 40%
Ebba Hallin, Architect & Lecturer 40%
Johan Paju, Architect & Lecturer 10%

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