Every year tons of straw is being burnt as waste. Straw is the stem of common cereals and a biproduct from the agricultural process. As the big, burly tractors come rushing through the golden fields - harvesting, processing, cutting away - the remaining straw is coarsely left on the ground, slowly devoured by mould under the following rain and snow of fall and winter.

We propose to make use of the same discarded pieces of cellulose. Straw has very good inherent insulation properties and can be compacted into conveniently sized, load-bearing building blocks. Its downside is the poor resistance to moisture. We have therefore combined the straw’s insulatory capacities with a hardy surface of cement, creating a all-in-one building block, stackable and durable. It still has the hands-on feel of the historically much used straw bale, but without the tedious need for layer upon layer of plasterwork. A simple construction method for housing the complexities of today.

Emanuele Cavaglion, Gustav Hallström, Carl Loftén

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