REED IT CAREFULLY - Fer Lopez and Arnau Llabres

Our first aim was to investigate the bioplastics recipes, to combine it with a skeleton of reed. The bioplastic has the mission to solve the air and water tightness and hold the reed together.

The materials we are looking for should preserve the same properties of the reed (strength, insulation and beauty) but adapted to today gateways buildings thanks to the bioplastic. Combining bothering materials in the most efficient and easy way.

After few experiments we managed to come up with different combinations, but none of them successful at all. The bioplastic retraction When drying was different from the one of the reed, which caused big scars on the surface bioplastic. 

Finally, we decided to try fabricated as a wire, instead of the bioplastic. The resulting products and offers hundreds of possibilities and combinations, allowing the materials to have different transparencies, tightness ... 


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