Eunice Oliveira Soares,

KORKTRIS is a cork modular framing project concerning the potential of cork. From the shape of the raw material after being taken the cork stoppers it incorporates the tetris understanding to connect all modules and define a solid structure. The material offers the capacity of self build constructions and it is above all a natural material, recyclable and reusable, essential qualities in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable architecture. 

The idea is to develop a self build structure that can be assembled and removed by its user with no module damage. This means that the module can be placed and replaced allowing the possibility to build a temporary or a long term wall, either for external or internal structure.


dimensions: 300 x 190 x 75 mm; granulometry: 1/3 mm; binder: polyurethanes; density: 280 a 330 kg/m3; block weight: ~ 1,29 kg


energy cost reduction; high thermal inertia; natural and renewable insulation; breathable and healthy system; eliminates the occurrence of condensations; good for increasing the thermal and acoustic insulation; easy to assemble and to remove; low cost structure; good impermeability.

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