Finja prefab

Finja prefab concrete wall elements

Finja is a company in the industri of condrete in Sweden with 600 emplyes and a turnover of 1,3 billion Swedish crones. We visited one of Finja factories outside Hulstfred in SmÃ¥land were they produce costume made wall-elements of concrete.

The casting are frameworks made of steel where you can make holes for windows, doors, installation beforehand you start to mold.

The elements are armoured with steel and are isolated with either styrofoam or rockwool. You can mold on the flat steel frame or make your own of whatever material you want. 

You can even make a bend wall out of a concave or convex casting. 

The size of the elements are determined of the rules how high the total equipage can be on the roads witch is 4,5 meters, so the element can be up to 3,8 meters.

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